Power Up With Ri-Charged!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

20000mah Portable Power Bank

20000mah Portable Power Bank

Tired of searching for a place to charge your phone? Annoyed with carrying charging cables everywhere you go? The wait is over....

RI-CHARGED has a unique design that allows you to charge all of your devices directly from the bank, and simultaneously RI-CHARGE the bank using the same cables.

Ri-Charged Portable Power Bank is airplane safe and comes with built-in cables that are compatible with any device!! It safely charges and protects your phone from short-circuit and constant voltage. 


Compatible with Apple, Android, Google, and some handheld video games(i.e Nintendo Switch)

LED Battery Level Display (easily read your available battery power)

20,000mah large battery capacity (charges up to 5 devices at one time)

4 Built-in Cables: Micro, Type C, Lightning, and 2 in1 USB Recharging Cable & Lanyard for carrying

Output Source (Built-In):  USB, Micro USB(Android), Lightning (IOS), Type-C

Input Source: Micro USB, Type-C

Weight: 8.4oz

Bonus Features: Two Bright LED Lights